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You are invited to join Glass Aid May 16, 2015 for the Central Oklahoma Walk MS at Wild Horse Park in Mustang.

Become a member of Team Wipe Out MS; just click here, “Join Our Team”.

Make a donation to the team; there is 3 ways to accomplish this:

  • Click here “Donate To Team Wipe Out MS”.
  • Enter the donation amount when you fill out the Glass Aid online Authorization Form and pay it when you pay for your windshield repair.

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  • Donate to any team member or Glass Aid employee in person.


Here in Oklahoma we are known for helping others in need. It is estimated that 3,400 Oklahomans have Multiple Sclerosis; and keep in mind that when a family member has MS, it affects the whole family. This means dreams like sending a child to college or planning for retirement, and other things, are not possible to do.

By joining our team, making a donation, or forming your own walk MS team, the money goes to the National MS Society, most of which stays here in Oklahoma. It supports Oklahomans, and funds research.

While there is no cure yet, the future is bright. You may know someone who has MS, and not even know it. This is due to new medications to manage the disease and the fact that some symptoms of MS may not be visible. This is no longer your grandmother’s MS, times have changed.

Over the last 10 years some of the advancements have taken place due to the past donations, which include:

  • Here in Oklahoma City, we now have a state of the art facility dedicated to both treating patients with MS and performing research. It is staffed with 2 nationally recognized doctors.
  • More medications have been released to manage the disease, including 3 oral medications, so many Oklahomans no longer need daily or weekly shots. Another new, available medication has been proven to improve the ability to walk, in people where their walk has been affected
  • A stem cell procedure, now being tested, is bringing MS patients dramatically close to a cure by stopping the advancement of the disease. It is predicted to be released from test trials in 2016. The cost to a patient exceeds $121,000 now and is not covered by any insurance at this time.
  • New research is moving forward to be able to regrow myelin that has been destroyed by the disease, and in the future, may be a reality.

So with all the positives, be a hero for someone with Multiple Sclerosis and have some fun for a good cause on May, 16, 2015.

Team Wipe Out MS and Wipe Out MS that includes this website is a Glass Aid project and is not affiliated with the National MS Society.


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

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