Stocking Stuffer

The Christmas season is now here which means it’s time to shop for gifts.

Do you know someone that’s into cars? I mean really into cars like theirs is always spotless. A Wipe Out MS microfiber cloth could be just the ticket for a gift or stocking stuffer. Even if you don’t know a car person like this, anyone who drives should have a microfiber cloth in their glove box, just in case of a spilled drink or the need to clean the windshield.

Around the house a microfiber cloth is a must have tool. With this being the holiday season you’ll probably have friends and family over which means house cleaning. Nothing is better for dusting than a microfiber cloth; don’t forget to clean windows and mirrors. Getting the big screen television ready for the bowl game nothing is safer and better for doing this chore. Keep it handy during the party as kids will be kids and even adults can have accidents with drinks.

You can get a FREE microfiber cloth from my company Glass Aid, when you donate at least $10 to my Walk MS team Wipe Out MS. Besides getting a microfiber cloth with your tax deductible donation you’ll be a hero to the MS community by helping to create a world free of MS; while taking one gift off your shopping list.

To make your donation click on the Green Button on the top of the right column. On smartphones it may appear on the bottom.

Merry Christmas and lets Wipe Out MS, the number one disabling disease of young adults.