Staten Island now has 600 with multiple sclerosis |

For a period of 120 years, there were no effective therapies for this disorder other than chemotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids. The first disease modifying treatment for MS became available in 1993.

We now have 14 agents available for treatment. Prior to these medicines being available, if someone was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the chance that they will need to walk with a cane was 50 percent within 15 years.

Now, approximately one in 10 people in 15 years after they diagnosis require a cane.

Source: Staten Island now has 600 with multiple sclerosis |


Having been told in the past that I couldn’t have MS because I wasn’t in a wheelchair by those who don’t understand how far we’ve come in treatments; this is a good article for info.

More proof that money donated for research is making a difference.