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As I wipe baby drool and fingerprint smudges off my phone with the hem of my shirt, I’m reminded of the well-publicized statistic that cellphones harbor more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Yuck. Power off your device, remove your case and let’s get cleaning.

As tempting as it is to take a sanitizing wipe to your gadgets — I admit, I’ve done it myself during cold and flu season — harsh chemicals and ammonia can damage the special coating on your phone or tablet’s screen. Any glass surface, be it on your phone, monitor or tablet, is best cleaned with a little water and a microfiber cloth. Don’t dunk your phone in water, of course; dampen a small portion of the microfiber cloth and use it to scrub fingerprints and debris from your screens, then polish with a dry section.

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If you have a screen protector on your phone remove it when cleaning your the devise. Screen protectors are made of plastic so plain water is a safe choice for cleaning. A microfiber cloth and a spray bottle filled with water should be all you need. Caution never spray water on your phone, a light spray on your microfiber cloth is all the is needed.