Band Against MS Chart

Recently country singer Clay Walker’s Band Against MS posted the above chart on their Twitter page @BandAgainstMS. It shows an estimated 400,000 individuals living in the United States with Multiple Sclerosis. That number includes the estimated, 3,400 living in Oklahoma and I’m one of them. It also includes the 8,000 to 10,000 people with MS under the age of 18, estimated by WebMD in an article “Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Children”.

When you consider that MS is the number one disabling disease of young adults, those numbers give a clue how it’s devastating America’s youth. We need to stop this theft being done to our youth. But to do this requires research, which costs money. We’ve come so far, in just the 9 years since I was diagnosed; let’s keep the research moving forward.

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